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Tapestry: Mirror in the Dark

As the longest night of the year approaches, we reflect on the knowledge that light can be found in the darkest of places. Within each of us is an inner light, that when cultivated through practices of self-care, may sustain us through our darkest moments. Tapestry, a weaving of breath, sound and movement for teens and adults of all bodies and abilities, holds a mirror to this inner light, using dance inspired improv, creative play and art to inspire the wellness of body, mind and spirit. Come as you are and emerge restored.

Co-led by Founder of Turning the Wheel Missoula, Lizzi Juda and Physical Theater Artist Heather Bunch. Tapestry: Mirror in the Dark takes place on Thursday, December 16th, 2021 from 7PM - 9PM at Open Way.

$20 suggested donation. If you wish to attend on a sliding scale, please contact Heather at


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