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East Coast Retreat


THE BODY NOW East Coast Retreat

March 8-10th, 2024

Trinity Center

Pine Knoll Shores, NC

The Path of the Heart 

Enliven your soul's journey in a loving community.

Come and play with us and drop deeply

into your creativity and joy. 

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By the end of the weekend you will...

  • Discover the freedom in creative play.
  • Turn toward curiosity and playful exploration.
  • Listen to and follow the call of your intuition.
  • Tune into your deep body wisdom. 
  • Develop genuine lasting connections.
  • Awaken the joy in feeling fully and courageously.
  • Lean into the body as a source of safety and knowledge.
  • Impact others positively and effortlessly.
  • Bask in the wellspring of self-love as old stories and blocks fall away.
  • Ground it all through service that makes your heart sing. 

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Join Us to Shine Your Light!


Two aspects of our unique model weave together throughout the weekend. Individuals seeking to unearth creative energies, enliven the body and infuse ease and joy into life will play and explore side by side with educators and community leaders learning to bring sustainable practices to their work. The melting pot of knowledge and personal experience is strengthened by the presence of participants from ages 16-85, who bring their unique perspective to the retreat.

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