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If you believe in the power of community and the power to change community through movement and creative expression, support us today.

We serve our community, hearts open, providing experiences to uncover what the world needs: MORE of each person's brilliance!

Join the movement by adding Turning the Wheel Missoula to your yearly giving plan. 

Your donation will help create the world in which we all want to live.

Our City

Turning the Wheel Missoula has been offering community building spaces through embodied self in a variety of contexts and events in Missoula since 2001. We design multiage programs using movement, art, storytelling, and play to awaken the body and weave communities with students, teachers, elders,  artists, and professionals working in the frontlines of society's wellbeing. 

Bring us to your Pre-K-12 school and college classrooms, staff meetings, professional development programs, symposiums, retreats, celebrations, strategic planning sessions, elder homes.


Our programs can positively impact the wellbeing and connectivity within groups of people sharing a common purpose and seeking to refresh the way in which they approach their engagement with the world. 

Earth Day romp



WHEN: April 13th2:00-4:00PM


WHERE: Missoula Public Library Cooper Space A

WHO: all ages, all genders. No experience needed. 

Meet at the Library, Copper Space A on the third floor. If the weather is nice, be prepared to cruise to Kiwanis Park to play there. Bring a water bottle. 

Play and improvise with poetry, dance, and theater to help us be more like nature.


Experience a unique way to connect with the deeper meaning of Earth Day.


Explore ways in which we can help our Earth thrive in times when no solution feels enough!


Facilitated by Colombian eco-artist, Penélope Baquero 

Email Penélope at

March Tapestry-2.jpg

Join Monthly Tapestry Class! This class is geared towards adults of all ages and abilities. We will use a combination of movement, theater improv, and sound to lean into our full expression. Join us and let your inner child play!

Turning the Wheel MIssoula has opened registrations for its new Facilitators’s Training and Practice Space for folks who want to deepen their skills and share what they know with others.  

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Contact Us!

Penélope Baquero

Lizzi Juda


City Coordinators


Lizzi Juda

Lizzi founded Turning the Wheel Missoula in 2001 after discovering the national organization and its’ potent work in Boulder, CO. She is the Board President, a Master Facilitator for Turning the Wheel Missoula, and has been teaching improvisational movement classes and expressive arts groups for 25 years.

Penélope Baquero

Penélope Baquero is an interdisciplinary artist from Colombia. She has a degree in Finance and International Relations and a Master in Integrated Arts and Education. During the early years of college, she worked as a student organizer around higher education reforms. She was part of the Caravana Arcoiris por la Paz, an international group of nomadic eco-activists doing popular eco-education and multicultural networking for the healing of the Earth in 13 countries of Latin America. She has taught Visual and Theater Arts in private schools as well as a teaching artist in a variety of organizations. Afrodiasporic dance, painting, performance art, community organizing, and now Turning the Wheel Missoula, are some of her primary endeavors.

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