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“The positive impact of working with Turning the Wheel these past few years has been incredible. Their philosophy of inclusion, shared creativity and mutual support brings joy and a culture of positive acceptance to our school.”  - Family Outreach Coordinator at Columbine School.


Abbey Dubois


Lulu Delphine


City Coordinators


Abbey Dubois

Abbey recently graduated with a BA in dance studies. She works as the National Program Coordinator with special focus in Boulder, CO.

During her time at Salem College, Abbey explored site-specific work and how to bring the community together through dance. She is passionate about serving our community and spreading joy to all people. 

Lulu Delphine

Lulu Delphine is a lifelong educator, improvisor and learner. She believes her greatest fortune in life is that she somehow remains that which poet Mary Oliver coined: a bride married to amazement. Her work passion is to guide diverse groups to somatics, wellness and the expressive arts as a force for personal evolution and social change.


Lulu is the Assistant Director and Organizational Development Expander for Turning the Wheel Productions. She also holds a Master of Education, is a certified Body Now facilitator, arts integration educator, AMI Montessori teacher, licensed body therapist and artist.

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Our City

Founded in Boulder in 1989 by dancers and musicians, Turning the Wheel Boulder ignites our youth’s innate creativity, spirit, and confidence through music, movement, and dance. This year we will engage over 3500 youth in direct programming and almost 10,000 youth, elders, and community members as audience members in performances including the premiere of “Stardust and Water”.

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