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From improvisation on the downtown mall to a fully produced theatrical event, you are welcome to step into the intoxicating world of performing in community. No experience is necessary.  Since 1989, Turning the Wheel has toured 10 original dance/theatre performance pieces 12 cities in the US. 


Guided by a combination of structured compositional exercises and very open improvisational forms, participants create choreography and text based on their own stories, histories, and physical abilities. We incorporate these creations and the uniqueissues of each community into the larger context of the performances. Producing performance pieces that are developed collaboratively by experienced professional artists and diverse community members furthers our goal of blending artistic excellence with accessibility.


The cast in these performances includes folks of all ages, folks with varied mental and physical challenges, folks who have never performed before, and folks who are professional actors and dancers all mixed together in a seamless intersection of life and art, authenticity and professionalism.


For more information on rehearsal times for our new show and how to get involved Contact Us or subscribe to our newsletter!

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I Knew That Once

Nearly Invisible


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