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Birthing the “Yes” Collective

“The Body Now” workshops are a playful and transforming opportunity 

to help you remember and reconnect to what you already know, inviting 

you to take the next steps on your journey into embodied wholeness. 

These steps, which really are about falling in love with yourself over and 

over again, will gently and easily send you on your way to manifesting 

more and more of your own true story.

Now is the time to jump into this story of unbridled loving energy for yourself and others, and to add your own contribution to the unfolding of all the possibilities that come with this magical force for good!



Wake up new pathways in your Body!

Access your joyous creativity!

Build a loving friendship with your wise sage!

Enhance the discovery of your greater purpose!

Spontaneous expression of any

kind will send you back into your limitless “Yes” reality. It only takes the first step or even a small gesture in your body and your brain will take you the rest of the way home. Just drop into your body in your favorite way and move yourself into ease and joy.


Spend the day in a perfect combination of lively and restful 

interactions through movement, sound, and art. Leave with new ways to bring joy into your life as you continue your journey of 

manifesting your authentic self.

Sign up for a stimulating, nourishing, and renewing day.

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