“It didn’t take long for me to see that this day would be all that had truly mattered in my life in a while.  After an hour, I was ready to stay there for a week.”  - Jamie Penn Walker, HeartDance Participant

Our City

Turning the Wheel Wilmington has brought play, movement, and transformation to the Greater Wilmington community since 1999.  A wide range of exciting programs are offered throughout the year, including vibrant Community ROMPS!, enriching school projects, and “The Body Now” workshops for adults and educators.

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Perry Smith



Branch Director


Perry Smith


Perry Smith is the branch director of Turning The Wheel Wilmington and has been involved with the organization since 1999. Perry is a master facilitator and musician for programs across the country.

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Wilmington Staff
Kate Muhlstein has been working with Turning The Wheel Wilmington since 2013 beginning with the community performance I Knew That Once. She holds a BFA in dance and is currently in training to become a facilitator for Turning the Wheel Productions National Team. She is a choreographer, teacher, and performer with The Dance Cooperative as well as the organization’s Board President.
Emma Nance is a visionary artist who has been working with Turning the Wheel Wilmington for the past year. She is currently in training to become a facilitator for Turning the Wheel Productions national team. She also is involved in surf camps, is certified in service dog training, pet sitting, and physical education for children and young adults with special needs.
Nancy Podrasky Carson has been a volunteer with Turning the Wheel Wilmington since 1999 and performed in Confetti 2000. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance from Northern Illinois University and went on to perform and choreograph with many regional companies. Nancy currently teaches technique classes, dance history, and choreography and UNC-Wilmington. She is a founding member, teacher, dance, and choreographer at the Dance Cooperative.


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