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Intern Spotlight!

Meet our amazing Intern Facilitators!

These beautiful souls help make our programming a success. They show up with open hearts and playful spirits to help hold a safe and supportive space for our youth find creative ways to express themselves.

Britt Carpenter

is a Wilmington native and has been facilitating with Turning the Wheel since 2020. She is also a lead facilitator for Nature Connect's Farm School, an all outdoor school for children ages 3-8. She is a certified educator through the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools, and has completed training with Art of Mentoring at Vermont Wilderness School. Britt holds a degree in communication studies from UNC-Wilmington, and is currently enrolled in their graduate program for social work. She grew up involved in theater with the Thalian Association locally, and still loves singing and dancing. In her free time she also enjoys cooking, playing guitar, reading, arts & crafts, camping and spending time outdoors with her family and friends.


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