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Play! Play! Play!

Let’s let go of fixing ourselves and the world for a moment and move and play together, nourishing our bodies and our souls. Join Us and Feel the Joy!

Busier Than Ever Developing New Pathways to Serve!

This is such a time of change for all of us, a constant letting go of our need for certainty and an opportunity to be even more generous, and proactive in our standing for human rights. We get to deepen into our understanding of our interdependence and responsibility to each other. Let’s stand together encouraging love and kindness to go viral and prevail over fear, allowing the goodness that is who we are to spread into all the corners of the earth. Let’s be safe, stay well and reach out boldly with our loving hearts. Virtual hugs to all, Alana Shaw TTW: Busier Than Ever Developing New Pathways to Serve! By: Lulu Delphine What is Turning the Wheel doing during this pandemic, you might wonde

The Magic of Sound and Movement Together!

Nourish your amazing body with the sound and vibrations of your own voice. While moving and playing in joy, we will breathe and sound from our lungs, our heart, our blood, and our bones. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Alana, Jesse, and Lulu!

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