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Busier Than Ever Developing New Pathways to Serve!

This is such a time of change for all of us, a constant letting go of our need for certainty and an opportunity to be even more generous, and proactive in our standing for human rights. We get to deepen into our understanding of our interdependence and responsibility to each other.

Let’s stand together encouraging love and kindness to go viral and prevail over fear, allowing the goodness that is who we are to spread into all the corners of the earth.

Let’s be safe, stay well and reach out boldly with our loving hearts.

Virtual hugs to all, Alana Shaw

TTW: Busier Than Ever Developing New Pathways to Serve!

By: Lulu Delphine

What is Turning the Wheel doing during this pandemic, you might wonder? For thirty years, our programming has been very much about people connecting through in-person movement play and performance to build healthy communities, foster leaders, and share the joy of self-expression. COVID-19 changed that method of program delivery, but it did not slow us down!

Our response to the pandemic has been to ask ourselves how we can continue our service work in an impactful way, even with limitations on groups gathering in person. Today, we are in the planning phases and beginning production on several digital courses that will expand our reach to schools and youth mentors. Our staff, committees and board are collaborating daily to ensure that Turning the Wheel’s work is accessible during this time of intense need. For inquiries about the above programming, or suggestions for how we might serve your community or constituency, please contact Lulu Delphine at

The following are some new programmatic developments: Zoom Classes for Educators: As students return to learning, we are excited to be partnering with educators who want to keep our programming going in their classrooms. We will provide art residencies via zoom, complete with movement, rhythm, theatre, a visual art project, and a video performance at the end.

Brain Breaks: We are in the process of filming a series of Brain Breaks videos for teachers, which will offer their students physically distanced movement to enhance learning and self-regulation, enjoyed any time of the day. Each video is 10-15 minutes long; the perfect “reset” for students and teachers!

Certification Training: Our Body Now Facilitator Training, a required course in our Body Now certification program is now available to live stream online. We have redesigned the program to offer all the same great foundation tools for facilitator trainees on an interactive, digital platform.

The Body Now Certification Program: Even with stalled in-person programming, our certification candidates are meeting with their mentors to receive personalized attention in their journey to learn about the TTW modality. Certification candidates are also participating in our digital courses. The Body Now Digital Course: is a recorded course for adults to dive deeply into this body based, self-realization work, developed by TTW Founder and Director, Alana Shaw. This downloadable course gives adults the tools to serve their communities by fostering deeply nourishing health and creativity for participants.

Text To Donate! Text YESLETS to 44-321 to help TTW stay in the classroom!

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