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Personal Growth


Are you searching for renewed energy and inspiration?


Through improvisational movement and playful community games we will tap into our innate creativity together. You will emerge with a smile and a restored sense of yourself!



Activate a sense of well-being and ease in your life.

● Experience your deepest and most expanded self in a way that invites celebration.

● Reclaim a loving relationship to yourself, standing in the power of “yes.”

● Make connections that can last a lifetime.

● Breathe new life into your creative process.

● Build a loving friendship with your internal guides.

● open up new pathways in your brain. 

● And take big leaps towards manifesting your genius on your journey into your authentic self.


Join us this year for the "Path of the Heart."

“Thank you for an incredible week of Body Now and now and now – deepening, circling, spiraling, digesting, creating, singing, laughing, crying, 

laughing more, pondering, wondering, connecting, dancing, dancing, swaying, eyeing, sighing, attracting, noticing, writing, walking, glueing, absorbing, smiling, and oh yes, dancing!”


-Laurie Clark, Summer Workshop 2013 Participant


"The community created here is unlike anything I have experienced this lifetime. True, deep listening and acceptance. I feel confident that I can indeed find my path and will have the support I need for the journey"


- Alexandria, Workshop Participant 2014



Are you ready to bring fresh energy and new tools to your career?



Presence – that is being fully present in each moment – is the key to empowered impact.


And we have found that presence is built fundamentally on our relationship to our bodies. 


Our body signals and wisdom can guide us to interventions and innovations that change the whole climate of our playing field, be that political, spiritual, artistic, or corporate.


Presence can connect your personal life with your work and with your service in your community.



● Discover effective interventions for making sustainable change in your classrooms, homes, workplaces, and in our own bodies.

● Experience the magic of creating unconditionally loving containers that celebrate the wisdom of the body.

● Reclaim what you already know about movement, creativity and well being to create a new paradigm of collaboration.

● Learn practical, playful skills to share with groups that foster stress reduction and self-care, self- awareness, conflict free communication.

● Activate your genius to connect with and inspire others through your presence and authentic communication.


Join us this year for the "Path of the Heart."

“The positive impact of working with Turning the Wheel these past few years has been incredible. Their philosophy of inclusion, shared creativity and mutual support brings joy and a culture of positive acceptance to our school.”


- Family Outreach Coordinator at Columbine School



Are you ready to jump into your fullest potential?


Every year TTW offers full scholarships to teen leaders to attend The Body Now Summer Retreat as part of our Teen Leadership Immersion. This program is for teens who are committed to showing up in their communities as 

advocates for making good choices and choosing healthier lives.



● Develop your gifts and find ways to manifest your strengths as a peer leader.

● Immerse yourself in fun new ways to think creatively, aiming towards the most effective life choices.

● Experience the joy of being mentored in a healthy vibrant community. 

● Enhance your collaborative problem solving skills.

● Be seen and appreciated by Turning the Wheel leaders from around the country in an intergenerational group of folks of all ages, experience, and abilities.

● Explore healthy ways to play and have fun: Drum in Community, Hike in Nature, Play Theatre Improv and Movement Games, Create Art, Dance, and Make New Friends from around the Country.


Enhance Your Innovative Thinking And Communication

"It opened my eyes to know that you don't need pot or any substances to be happy and okay. You just need the right people with big accepting hearts. And its just a life changing emotional experience." ­


- Teen Participant, 2012


"I learned how to take care of myself. Before I came here I couldn't see how strong I was. I seemed like a weak person, but that changed through this 

whole experience."


- Teen Participant, 2013


"Getting to learn more about myself [has been the most valuable]. I have to know myself before I can teach other. I've been able to communicate easier"


- Teen Participant 2012

Make a Difference

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