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Tapestry: HEARTspace

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. – Confucius

The human heart has long been associated with emotion, courage, wisdom, and many kinds of love. Newer research shows that the heart also possesses its own brain. The head-brain was originally thought to send messages to the heart for optimal physiological functioning, but we now know that the heart sends messages and commands to the brain as well. Heartmath Institute has been a pioneer in exploring the impact of the heart: Communication along all these conduits significantly affects the brain’s activity. Moreover, our research shows that messages the heart sends the brain can also affect performance. One important way the heart can speak to and influence the brain is when the heart is coherent – experiencing stable, sine-wavelike pattern in its rhythms. When the heart is coherent, the body, including the brain, begins to experience all sorts of benefits, among them greater mental clarity and ability, including better decision-making. (Heart-Brain Interactions, Heartmath Institute Blog).

HEARTspace is a place for you to cultivate coherence.

Stoking the flame in the heartspace nurtures integration of our different “brains” and cultivates awareness and intuition. When we only rely on our head-brain for intelligence, we are missing a huge well of wisdom offered by the heart. Reactivity is a head-brain reaction. Tuning in to the heart helps us to respond in a balanced and empowered way.

HEARTspace cultivates intuition so that you are empowered, responding holistically to whatever you encounter.

The heart is the doorway to presence and self love, the foundation of healing.

HEARTspace is a place to foster healing through self love and presence.

So whomever you are, and wherever you are, please join us for this heart expanding creative play date grounded in authenticity, safety and your one precious body.

Live musical accompaniment with Jesse Manno. Live streaming led by Lulu Delphine and Lizzi Juda.

For more information about Tapestry: HEARTspace or to register, click here!

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