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Exciting Partnership with The Harrelson Center

Turning the Wheel Wilmington is elated to begin our journey as an Associate Partner with the Harrelson Center. TTW Wilmington is a non-profit arts and education organization dedicated to making body based creative expression and play accessible to individuals of all ages, experiences, genders and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We are committed to being a contributing force in fostering vibrant, healthy communities.

We are active in the community through a bevy of partnerships. We are working with the Brunswick Arts Council facilitating a program within the Healing Community With Art Workshops initiative. These workshops will bring community members and leaders together. Other partnerships we are forming include UNCW Office of the Arts, Lake Forest Academy, Cameron Art Museum, and YMCA Aftercare.

We have a fantastic Advisory Committee that is steadily expanding. Our core team is made up of Perry Smith, Kate Muhlstein, Emma Nance, Nancy Podrasy Carson, and Abbey Dubois. We are always recruiting volunteers and facilitators as we continue to broaden in the area and beyond. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting involved, please contact our Branch Director at

Find us at Facebook and Instagram: @turningthewheelwilmington

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