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Bringing Essential Life Skills to High School Students

Turning the Wheel Missoula has been invited to teach 5 classes of Freshman Health Science for an entire semester at Sentinel High School! This program, called The Body as Teacher, offers movement based and expressive arts learning of key content areas in the Health Science curriculum. Having 90 minutes with each class every week for 12 weeks increases consistency. And consistency increases impact! A semester long class also allows us to get to know the students and share concepts of:

  • Self awareness, self care and self expression.

  • Practices to activate and balance the body and brain.

  • Discovering your passion and rediscovering how play is key to vibrant health.

  • Goal setting and the steps needed to achieve them.

  • The distinction between personal resources and coping mechanisms.

  • The physical and emotional benefits of having a large movement vocabulary.

  • Tools for discharging stress, accessible to all ages and abilities.

  • Appreciation Practices.

  • Body Based Mindfulness Practices.

  • Clear, empowered communication.

  • Finding your voice, telling your story and uncovering leadership through movement, improvisation and performance.

  • Vibrant health and wellness as holistic / keys to happiness and health.

Our upcoming Halloween inspired event, Enchanted Forest, is a fundraising opportunity specifically focused on this upcoming program. You can find more information and tickets here.

Or if you would be interested in sponsoring a student, you can donate here!

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