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Donate your used iPhones

Your donated iPhone allows us to keep our programs current, fun, and affordable!

In our after school "photodance" projects students are given a chance to take photos of their friends and classmates. This excercise gets the kids excited about the rest of the program and allows each student to show up as the artistic director. As the lead photographer they have a chance to direct their classmates and see their vision come to life. The photos are later incorporated into videos, sets, and murals adding depth to the final performance.

In the past we would use disposable cameras, but they are quickly becoming a relic of the past. A collection of iPhone 3 and 4's creates a reliable and reusable resource for our programs.

Send your old iPhone to

Turning the Wheel Productions 1123 County Rd 83 Boulder, CO 80302

Here are some photos taken by students during a "photodance" project!

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