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HOME: A Turning the Wheel Story

Fifteen years ago I was given a promotional video to watch about Turning the Wheel Productions, an intergenerational dance/theater company in Boulder, Co.

As I watched this thirty minute piece, tears streamed down my checks.

Lizzi doing what she loves to do most.

Tears that let me know I had found my home and my life’s work that I didn’t even know I was looking for.

Tears of knowing what my spirit had been silently crying out for.

Tears of inspiration about the founder of this organization who so brilliantly combined the things I cared most about, dance, community organizing and personal healing.

I called the number on the video and flew to San Francisco the following weekend for a Turning the Wheel urban retreat and have been working, playing, performing, teaching, learning and impacting lives with this wild, loving tribe ever since. I am eternally grateful to have found a safe and ever-evolving container to keep knowing and loving myself deeper and deeper. I feel so blessed to have found tools for building healthy, vibrant, collaborative, conscious and loving community.

-Lizzi Juda, Founder of Turning the Wheel Missoula

Turning the Wheel's next gathering is the Body Now residential retreat on Whidbey Island, near Seattle. To register or learn more, explore here.

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