Freedom: A Turning the Wheel Story

I was very lucky to have received one of Turning the Wheel’s teen scholarships for Summer Retreat right after I graduated high school in 2008. I firmly believed it changed my life, like a drop in a pool that is still rippling. I was uncomfortable, curious, lonely, and very free at that first camp. And ultimately the freedom led to the greatest change. I only really knew one person, Tanja Asmus, who recommended that I go. She had been my introduction to TTW, facilitating theatre improv at my high school and mentoring me through several projects. Once I was at camp, a stranger even to myself, all the stories that surrounded me at home and at school dropped away.

When I reflect on my time at Turning the Wheel and the empowerment I have in my life now it reminds me of a realization I had shortly after getting my driver’s license. I was working on a project at home and needed glue. We didn’t have any glue. And then it dawned on me that I had a car, and a license, and