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Los Angeles - 2015 in Review

What a Big Year!

TTW Los Angeles had one of their biggest years of outreach on record.

The Los Angeles Team brought weeks of enriching programs to schools in the Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD). Thanks to a partnership with LA’s BEST we had three amazing 10 week after school projects.

Hobart Elementary, 3rd and 4th grades

Hobart Elementary, Kindergarten–2nd grade

Mayberry, Kindergarten–2nd grade

This year TTWLA also had an amazing Caravan. The week was filled with programming that not only fostered old collaborations but also led to new partnerships all over the city. The week included an amazing performance with the elementary students at Mayberry. The team also created a wonderful video project for the students at Alonzo CDS which culminated in a fun silent film accompanied with live music.

Mayberry, 3rd - 5th grade

Richard Alonzo Community Day School

New Village Girl’s Academy

Temescal Academy

The Caravan also included a demo with the dance education certification program at Santa Monica College which brought TTW's model of collaboration and play to over 20 future educators.

All of us at Turning the Wheel are all excited to see how this great year accelarates TTWLA into 2016.

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