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Wonder Questions

Turning the Wheel uses creative arts, movement, and performance to teach social and emotional learning to kids and adults of all ages. The basis of many of the games and performance techniques used are founded in somatic psychology and seamlessly woven into the instructional dialogue between facilitator and student. Alana Shaw, the founder of Turning the Wheel, is now expanding the audience of these teachings to include the mental health professionals themselves in her new Conscious Body Coaching Course!

One of the teachings of this course is the Wonder Questions. This process is a simple yet powerful tool for tuning into the body and its deep insight into what might help dissolve or resolve a situation in the external world. The process is simple. Find stillness, take a deep breath, and hum. Say to yourself, "Hmmmmm, I wonder..." There are a plethora of ways to finish this sentence:

I wonder what my body is telling me?

I wonder what needs loving in me?

I wonder what I want right now?

I wonder what my heart is telling me right now?

I wonder what I am feeling right now?

I wonder what I want to turn towards?

The one I have really been deepening into is "I wonder what needs loving in me?" I find that in any situation or with any feeling that causes me discomfort or pain, I tune into my body with this question, and a resolution always shines forward. The next time you find yourself confronted with discomfort, try out the Wonder Questions, and uncover your body's innate wisdom for this moment in time.


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