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New Facilitator brings new skills and fresh energy to Turning the Wheel!

New Facilitator, Natalie Furtick, brings new skills and fresh energy to Turning the Wheel.

By Lulu Delphine.

Natalie Furtick completed The Body Now Certification program in 2020, with the support of mentor facilitators Khiri Lee and Stephanie Merrick-Mitchell. She learned about the program from a neighbor who said simply, You will love this work, and gave her information about an upcoming Turning the Wheel event.

Natalie did love the work, and went on to join the certification program. She found The Body Now summer workshop and the sense of community in the organization to be particularly impactful experiences during the program, as well as some of the personal tools she learned to shift her perspective, step fully into her creativity and release old patterns that were holding her back. The Body Now also exposed her to diverse populations from pre-k through elder, using movement and creative expression as a social change tool. Natalie was amazed at the change in the youth she worked with during the program from day one to the last day, and said that being involved opened her eyes to how she wants to impact the education system.

Natalie will be graduating from the University of Colorado this spring, after which she wants to follow her joy in bringing movement and creative expression to students in K-12 grades. Turning the Wheel is deeply grateful to have her on the team, and looks forward to seeing what she will create next!


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