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Here at Turning the Wheel, we have collected dozens of testimonials that reflect the impact of our work. Below are reactions from participants of all ages from a variety of programs:

I'm grateful for the positive challenge you provided me at the Memory Cafe yesterday. I am not a spontaneous person AT ALL, but Turning the Wheel brought that out in me for an hour. Bravo!

-Memory Cafe Participant

Motion is lotion! After two long days of working on our fences, I was stiff and sore from head to toe. After Turning my Wheels with you all, I am feeling like myself again!

- Shana Dieterle, Tapestry Participant

I love Turning the Wheel, and I especially love the Chicken Song!

- Flagship Student, who sang the Chicken Song with a TTW Facilitator on a cross-country

plane ride!

Want to bring Turning the Wheel into your community? Click below for more information and join the Yes Collective!


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