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"I see it and I feel it and I believe in the power of Turning the Wheel."

Turning the Wheel has partnered with High School Teacher Heather Feuerhelm to work with 9th and 12th grade over the past three weeks. It has been an incredible joy to work with Heather and her students. She wanted to share her experience with the program and this is what she says:

"Today was a beautiful day with all of you! I continue to learn and grow from you. I was feeling restless and impatient when the communication game broke down. I wanted to just direct everything, get them under control, help reset when people added/left...and your presence reminded me that I could let them struggle. That was the most beautiful part of the day."

"I wish we could all be together. I love that we ARE all together through this virtual world. I wonder if you feel the peace that I feel, just from being in your presence. I wonder if you know the impact you have on my kids. I wonder if you know how often they talk about what we're doing, wrestling with image vs. what they like, striving for being part of something bigger than themselves. I see it and I feel it and I believe in the power of Turning the Wheel."

"Thank you for reminding me that the experience can be as big or as small as any individual makes it; but it always lands with some impact."

"Thanks for being my inspiration, everyone. I love you all so very much!"

-Heather Feuerhelm - High School Teacher, Iowa

Heather F has offered to be a sounding board to anyone who is interesting in finding out how our programming can be a benefit for any population you work with.

To contact Heather:



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