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Family Fun: the ROMP!

Part of Turning the Wheel's mission is to help build healthy community, and what better way to do so than through family fun! One of the ways TTW provides fun for the family is through a community ROMP. Using creative movement games, ROMPs are designed to inspire joy, release stress, and find our source of wonderment and personal connection. A ROMP revitalizes community by bringing families together to play in a safe and friendly environment.

ROMPs are held throughout the year, at branches, and during Caravans in cities across the US. They also go by a variety of names. At the Wilmington branch, they are known as Creative Play Pop-Ups. At the Missoula Branch, they have an upcoming Halloween ROMP entitled Enchanted Forest. Interested in being a part of the fun? Follow us @turningthewheelnational, @turningthewheel_wilmington, or @turningthewheelmissoula for an upcoming ROMP near you!


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