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Caravan: A Turning the Wheel Residency

Turning the Wheel is a national organization that has branches throughout the U.S. Part of what ignites these branches are Caravans. A TTW Caravan offers week-long residencies with youth and at-risk populations, culminating in a colorful, autobiographical performance for each participating community. These Caravans are used to stimulate programming, meeting the kids and community where they are at while imparting our philosophy of joy, laughter, play, and self-love.

This fall, TTW will have three Caravans across the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Our first will be on Orcas Island, where the Orcas Community Foundation raised almost $10,000 for Turning the Wheel to return and bring their philosophy to schools and after-school programs on the island. The next Caravan will be held in Port Angeles, WA. We held several successful zoom-based projects with this community, and we will be visiting them for the first time in person since the pandemic! And our final Caravan of the year will be in Waukee, Iowa. We are being hosted by TTW member and long-time educational partner, Heather Feuerhelm, with the goal of creating cross-generational connections within the community. This Caravan will also see the expansion of one of our longest-running branches, the Cedar Rapids branch, founded in 1999.

Interested in TTW's mission? Want to bring a Caravan to your community? Contact National Program Coordinator Abbey Dubois for more information at (207) 399-4804 or


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