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Enchanted Forest 2018

Magic! Joy! Wonder!

Enchanted Forest was everything we dreamed and more! Smiling faces, magic performances, art, excitement, and costumes galore!

Almost 200 guests! 30 volunteers! $2000 raised! And SO much fun!

Thank you to everyone who came, helped, and enjoyed the evening!

Thank you to our volunteers! Roe Erin, Melissa Thompson, Bente Grinde, Sydney Morical, Maryelizabeth Koepele, Khiri Lee, Melissa LaFontaine, Emma Jaqueth, Samantha Moore, Kate Crouch, Peter Schaefgen, Khiri Lee, Matthew Nord, Bruno Miguel Pereira Augusto & Kate Jordan Augusto, Dawn McGee, Jennifer Corbin, Roots Aerial Performers, Heidi Junkersfeld, Haley Erickson, Deidre Ingraham, Derek Moree, Alex Payne, Dylan Caplis, Carina Gillet, Michaela Sherman, Nita Maddux, Olaf Elander, Cathy Semmelroth, DJ Coach Shane, DJ Prom Date 88, and Daniel Norton.

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