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The Giving Tree

Enchanted Forest is more than just a Halloween party. It's a fundraiser for our Health program with Sentinel High School freshman.

When you visit the forest, LOOK for our GIVING TREE, a very special tree full of laughter, dreams and stories. Read what's on her leaves: stories about what the teens we are working with want support in this year.

On our first day of classes, we shared that health is not just the absence of disease or a fit body, but mental, emotional and physical well being. Then we led students to consider: What are your wellness goals? Where do you need support to be the most alive and healthy version of yourself?

We asked, they shared. "I want to develop healthier coping mechanisms to deal with the stress of school and sports." "I do not have good support at home and I want to learn to form good relationships with friends." "I want to be able to not worry as much." "I just want to fall asleep easier." "I want to be more comfortable taking the lead."

It costs $50 to sponsor a student for the entire semester and support them in their goals for health. Follow this link to donate!

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