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Support Our Leadership Immersion Program

Say YES to teens from diverse backgrounds from across the US who have experienced Turning the Wheel in their schools, and want to deepen their work to become mentors in their communities.

Help us raise $5000 to cover our scholarship costs and bring the next generation of leaders to our Summer Retreat.

Donations Cover Food, Lodging, and Transportation

We will do the rest. We know this week will be transformative for these folks, and that their renewed skills and self-confidence will radiate outward to reach their friends, their families, and their community! "It opened my eyes to know that you don't need pot or any substances to be happy and okay. You just need the right people with big accepting hearts. And it's just a life changing emotional experience." - Teen Participant, 2012 "The retreat allowed me to deepen into my strength as a leader and to trust that I am all that I need to be." - Daley Ackerman, 2016 "I learned how to take care of myself. Before I came here I couldn't see how strong I was. I seemed like a weak person, but that changed through this whole experience." - Teen Participant, 2013

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