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Front Range Eco- Social Solutions: A  Bioneers Network Event

Turning the Wheel will be at the 14th Annual Front Range Eco- Social Solutions

A Bioneers Network Event

February 3 & 4, 2017 ~ University of Colorado at Boulder

In its 14th year, Front Range Eco-Social Solutions offers a weekend of sharing, learning and action, and is a uniquely affordable community event that brings together the progressive thinkers of this colorful region. Front Range Eco-Social Solutions features re-broadcasts of the national Bioneers plenaries. The national presentations set a global context for the local conference, which features over 30 options of workshops and sessions with over 80 local presenters that focus on topics of regional importance. Bioneers is the preeminent international gathering of leading innovators and visionaries who offer practical solutions to the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time. In its 27th year, Bioneers continues to uniquely and authentically articulate the relationships between environment, health, social justice and spirit.

Front Range Eco-Social Solutions is a Bioneers Network Event produced by the CU Environmental Center in collaboration with Naropa University, Boulder County FoodShed, Woodbine Ecology Center, Denver Permaculture Guild, Youth On Record, and Earth Guardians.

The Program Features:

Broadcasts from the 2016 national Bioneers conference includes luminaries such as:

  • Janine Benyus - The Ultimate Symbiosis: Biomimicry as a Cooperative Inquiry

  • Danny Kennedy - Optimizing the Energy Transition

  • Katsi Cook - Deepening Indigenous Women’s Networks: Embodiment, Healing and Resilience

  • Vien Truong - Creating An Equitable Environmental Movement

  • Bill McKibben - What Winning the Climate Change Battle Looks Like

  • Mark Plotkin - Maps, Magic and Medicine in the Rainforest

Local Plenary Presentations

  • Joel Glanzberg- Using Pattern Mind to Reweave the Web of Life

  • Nina Simons- Full Spectrum Leadership: Shifting Guidance from Head to Heart

  • Multicultural Women Explore Social and Ecological Healing

Over 30 sessions and workshops on local topics, tools and solutions ranging from biomimicry and permaculture to water use and edible plants, from climate action to nuclear guardianship, from renowned chefs, local farms and home vegetable stands to food justice and food insecurity, from social justice to housing solutions, from youth empowerment to death care and green burial.

Children’s Eco-Activities with full day Bioneers Kids Program offered on Saturday

Green Living Expo featuring innovative businesses and community organizations on Saturday

Registration is Affordable

  • Free for CU-Boulder University students.

  • Advance registration runs through January 30th for $15/day general rate and $8/day for students, seniors, activists and educators.

  • Scholarships and volunteer opportunities available.

  • Onsite registration rates are $18/day general rate and $10/day for students, seniors, activists and educators.

For more information and to register, visit

Visit for more information about the Bioneers Conference.

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Bioneers connects social and scientific innovators with breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet, for the purposes of network cultivation, cross-pollination and the transfer of effective practices, models, technologies and key ideas. The 14th annual event includes a broadcast of the national Bioneers plenaries and is locally enriched with: art, networking, field trips, sessions, workshops and keynotes addressing topics of regional importance and community solutions. For more info and to register, visit

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