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Dreaming Up the Universe: Finding the Yes Collective Inside and Out

The Body Now 2016 summer residential retreat will explore the many ways we can come into the story of "YES" in every aspect of our lives. YES to all the ways you come alive. YES to leadership, healthy relationships, creativity and YES to a vital, expressive body. YES to whatever emerges. YES to more of YOU.

The theme is "Dreaming up the Universe: Finding the Yes Collective Inside and Out."

The Body Now retreat will be held from June 25th - July 2nd at the stunning Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle.

Participants will enjoy:

  • local, organic meals

  • live music

  • movement

  • reflective art

  • site specific play

  • empowered communication exploration

  • and reflective art, improvisation and drumming workshops


In addition to vital food, a nurturing forested landscape, a light filled dance studio with multiple movement, community play and experiential based workshops, and participants from all walks of life, "The Body Now" retreat will feature live music by multi instrumentalist accompanist, Jesse Manno. Jesse is a master at reading a room and responding with music. The gift of his present attention and musical interpretation of your movement is a memorable one indeed.

The Body Now summer retreat - a salve for the body, mind and spirit!

Monthly payments available for those who prefer it.

Multiple lodging options from camping - private rooms.

The majesty of Whidbey Island. MUSIC that INSPIRES.

Questions? Contact Retreat Director Lulu Delphine.

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