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The Body Now Summer Retreat

The Path of the Heart

Join us to shine your light!
Come and play with us and drop deeply into your freedom and enliven your soul's journey in a loving community.
We are in a unique situation where people know they want more out of their time on this planet. We want genuine relationships, inspiring work, permission to enjoy our lives and, most of all, the experience of love and connection with all that we encounter.
We invite you to claim all of YOU by joining us in this highly interactive weekend with live music by Jesse Manno.
This innovative, transformative model for well-being is grounded in 32 years of working with groups of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, challenges, and orientations. Turning the Wheel Founder and Director, Alana Shaw, and her facilitation team, have guided thousands of people from around the globe to step into their creative genius and spark new connections.
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people. You!
A weekend immersion in discovering a new way to live your life.
Led by Turning the Wheel Founder and Director, Alana Shaw, and her master facilitation team.
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What if your journey to joy and purpose is just an empowered breath away?
  • Discover the freedom in creative play.
  • Turn toward curiosity and playful exploration.
  • Listen to and follow the call of your intuition.
  • Tune into your deep body wisdom. 
  • Develop genuine lasting connections.
  • Awaken the joy in feeling fully and courageously.
  • Lean into the body as a source of safety and knowledge.
  • Impact others positively and effortlessly.
  • Bask in the wellspring of self-love as old stories and blocks fall away.
  • Ground it all through service that makes your heart sing. 
Join us for weekend course and watch your life begin to unfold and blossom in miraculous new ways:

  • Learn playful exercises and tools for wellbeing and joy, including theatre, rhythm, movement, and song.
  • Take gentle guided journeys into your interior landscape that drop you into the pool of deep knowing.
  • Leave habituated response behind and discover the power and joy of living in spontaneous new thought.
  • Get to play with the Turning the Wheel team of experienced and joyful facilitators with lifetimes of experience in embodiment practices.
  • Have breakout sessions to get to know each other, making connections that can last a lifetime.
The Body Now Summer Retreat 2021 will be an online experience via Zoom.
Friday, June 25th, 4:00-6:00pm PST /
7:00-9:00pm EST
Saturday, June 26th, 9:00am-5:00pm PST /
12:00-8:00pm EST
Sunday, June 27th, 9:00am-6:00pm PST /
12:00-9:00pm EST
For more information, please contact Lulu at
The Path of the Heart 
Enliven your soul's journey in a loving community.
Come and play with us and drop deeply
into your creativity and joy. 
Spiral into “The Body Now”
● Joyful Movement Games in Community
● Theater Improvisation Explorations
● Rhythm Play​​​
● Embodied Leadership Tools
● Inspired Communication 
● Community Singing and Sounding
● The Power of Appreciations
● Body-based Journeys for Delving Deeper
● Live Music with Jesse Manno!

The magic is in the willingness to make the first move,

to actually step into

well-being - being well.


The brain will quickly rewire your system for this new choice and then keep rewiring as you continue to

make new choices.

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