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These audio recordings make it possible for you to experience the exercises yourself as many times as you like, and then you can use the written versions in the book to facilitate others if you wish.


 I am assuming that if you are reading this book, you already know quite a lot about yourself and that the individual exercises will be a pleasure for you, as you get a chance to gently deepen your knowing of your own inner landscape. I imagine that you will quickly be ready to take this work to your own groups, or ready to join our teacher certification program and begin teaching with us across the country.


There is a list below of all the recordings and where to find the written versions in the book. Enjoy.

“Shining the Light”

page 57

“Going toward the Open Space - A Journey to Ease and Joy”  page 74

“Finding and Moving Your Signature Sound” page 106

“Heart to Heart —Reflection Dance”

page 145     

 “Waking Dreamtime - Gossamer Threads” page 202 & 205 

“The Wise Guardian and the Child” page 214

“Fluid Journey - Water Dreaming” page 61

 “Name Dance” page 85

“Revealing a Layer”  page 133

“I Give You Back” page 158

“Body Sensations”

page 210

"Five Years Forward" page 219

 “Rocking In the Arms of Love” page 306

“Walking the Path of Self Love” page 65

“I Am Here” page 92

“Dancing with the Starlight Vision”

page 140

“Planting Joy” page 184

“Waters of the Womb” page 211

“Journey to Joy”

page 266

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