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A Year in Review with TTWM

Dear friends,

You ALL deserve a medal for making it to the close of this year! CONGRATULATIONS!

This year, it has been more apparent than ever that resiliency and social emotional awareness are crucial life skills. Turning the Wheel Missoula has deepened our commitment to continue finding as many pathways as possible to stimulate the spark of creative healing and community well being for all.

From uncovering every stone of possibility for how to reach youth and their mentors during this whirlwind of a time, as well as evolving in our understanding of what true inclusiveness looks like, we pledge to continue to evolve alongside the current landscape. Some new developments include:

  • Live streaming online classes with school partners throughout the region.

  • Caregiver and adult offerings for resilience.

  • Recorded digital resources available for free to all

  • Family friendly creative offerings like Enchanted Forest

Our Body Now Certification program is going strong, and we have adjusted our trainings to provide live streaming experiences, digital resources and individualized mentorship for new facilitators to learn how to serve their communities with our unique brand of arts and wellness education.

We are also consistently expanding our administrative community, welcoming new team and board members to round out who we are. Please join us if serving with us calls you!

If you believe in the power of community social change through the arts, support us in 2021. We will make you proud, creating the world you want to see. We pledge to keep going, hearts open, providing experiences to uncover what the world wants: MORE of each person’s brilliance!


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