From improvisation on the downtown mall to a fully produced theatrical event, you are welcome to step into the intoxicating world of performing in community. No experience necessary. 
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Confetti 2000 was a collaboration of 100 people from 12 cities in the US and Canada. The Stringmaker premiered in Boulder in 2002, and toured to Wilmington, NC, Cedar Rapids, IA and Missoula, MT. Nearly Invisible was the focus of the Boulder youth outreach program in the 2004-05 school year, premiered in Boulder in 2005, and was performed in Wilmington, NC and Missoula, MT.

Guided by a combination of structured compositional exercises and very open improvisational forms, participants create choreography and text based on their own stories, histories, and physical abilities. We incorporate these creations and the unique issues of each community into the larger context of the performances. Producing performance pieces that are developed collaboratively by experienced professional artists and diverse community members furthers our goal of blending artistic excellence with accessibility.

Stardust and Water

Turning the Wheel has started rehearsals for its newest show, to premiere early 2016, “Stardust and Water”.

On an ongoing basis, participants in Boulder will be meeting every Saturday from 3 – 5:30 at the circus center starting February 7.

interested in joining the cast for Stardust and Water? Come to a romp any Saturday at the Boulder Circus Center. Let us know you are coming. RSVP on Facebook

We will have an open romp and play time from 3 – 4:15. You can invite any of your family or friends to join us. There will be a $10.00 charge for the romp which will help cover the costs for the room and for Jesse, who will be there to play with us a lot of the Saturdays. And of course, everybody is welcome even if they don’t have $10.00.

This will give everyone a chance to really get warmed up and to try out some big group, playful forms for the new show. Then anyone who wants to join the cast for the show may stay until 5:30, and do some deeper, more individual movement work, and writing etc.

interested in joining the cast for Stardust and Water? come to a romp any Saturday at the Boulder Circus Center. Let us know you are coming. RSVP on Facebook

An Intergenerational, Multi-Media, Dance/Theater Performance

“I Knew That Once” is Turning the Wheel’s newest full scale production. The show premiered in Boulder, CO in October 2011. The following year the show traveled to Missoula MT, Spring 2012, and Wilmington NC, Fall 2012 and finally in Los Angeles, CA in February 2014.

See videos from these performances and more here.

Co-created by eight artists and a cast of 40, the show is an amazing and truly astonishing blend of movement and theatre. It is a fun, colorful, lively and sacred mix of beautiful video footage, eccentric costumes with wild hats, live improvisational music with Jesse Manno, humorous poetic prose and rhyme, the beautiful, healing, surround sound from a choir of women’s voices, and a set installation that transformed the the theater into a glittering cave of possibility.

Narrated by a two comical “time travelers”, the world of “I Knew That Once” weaves together the stories of the dancers and explore ways of expressing and connecting in contemporary times. The show reminds us that that creating the world we want is not an illusion, but completely possible.

The cast included folks of all ages, folks with varied mental and physical challenges, folks who have never performed before, and folks who are professional actors and dancers all mixed together in a seamless intersection of life and art, authenticity and professionalism.